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Home >> Finding Employment >> Find a Career >> Careers in the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) The Namibian Defence Force (NDF) was established in terms of Constitution of the Republic of Namibia. The NDF is comprised of the army, airwing and maritime wing. Job Characteristics Special Functions of All Three Units Include: * Guaranteeing Namibia’s territorial integrity by guarding against external attack, conventional or unconventional. * Helping to prevent violations of Namibia’s land, sea and airspace. * Operating effectively in support of the civil authorities if required. * Undertaking peacetime operations in support of the civil ministries (for example to help combat economic threats), to assist the civil community as required and to meet other defence commitments as they arise. * Providing challenge and opportunity for employees, utilizing and enhancing their skills, abilities and creativity. * Developing a defence organization with which the people of Namibia will identify and in which they will take pride. * Operating safely and with respect for the environment.Requirements Secondary Education All recruits must be between the age of 18 and 25 years. In exceptional cases when older recruits with specialist or technical qualifications are needed, the age limit is 40 years.The minimum secondary education requirement for seamen in the maritime wing is a Grade 10 certificate, or equivalent qualification. For officers in the maritime wing a Grade 12, or equivalent qualification (university graduates preferably), is the minimum requirement. Good marks in Mathematics, Physics, Geography and English are expected from both the seamen and officers. The candidates must also pass a physical test, namely running 2 200 m in 12 minutes and swim 50 m in 2 minutes and 10 seconds.Soldiers in the army must possess a HIGCSE/NSSCH/IGCSE/NSSCO

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