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Zachman Framework Introduction The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture, sometimes simply referred to as the Zachman Framework, has become a factor standard for classifying the artifacts developed in enterprise architecture. It is a logical structure for classifying and organizing the design artifacts of an enterprise that are significant to its management. Zachman adopts this classification scheme to the design and construction of information systems. Purpose The Zachman framework aims at reducing the problems of building information systems without strategic and/or business-related considerations. It categorize different stakeholders’ viewpoints into a fixed set of perspectives through which, everybody could find the exact information he/she is interested in. The framework also captures the knowledge of enterprise via abstracting it into a collection of integrated features. What Zachman realized, is that each stage accommodates different players within the system development effort, and each player views the system in their own particular way. As such, it does not make sense to speak of a single system architecture, but more sense to speak of a set of architectures, as each player defines the system from their particular viewpoint. Scope The Zachman Framework describes a holistic model of an enterprise's information infrastructure from six perspectives: planner, owner, designer, builder, subcontractor, and the working system. There is no guidance on sequence, process or implementation of the framework. The focus is on ensuring that all aspects of an enterprise are well-organized and exhibit clear relationships that will ensure a complete system regardless of the order in which they are established. The scope is concerned with positioning the product in the context of its environment, including specifying its purpose (Carla Marques Pereira, 2014).

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