It Projects, The Way To Success, Organizational Behaviour Essay

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Introduction Every organisation has a business strategy to perform within a highly competitive global Market, and no one can disregard the power of the information systems to drive the business success and revenue. Using the Strategic Information systems as a competitive advantage can make a big difference between companies in a frequently changing environment and Market value, where customer loyalty is completely dead. As far as the companies are concerned, many projects have been launched in order to strengthen their positions in the market, but the statistics were unsatisfactory with regard to the success of these projects “the average is only 16.2% for software projects that are completed on time and on-budget. In the larger companies, the news is even worse: only 9% of their projects come in on-time and on-budget” (THE STANDISH GROUP REPORT 1995). In 2006 the Standish group report illustrated a progress in the success rate to reach 34%. (Business Services Industry, Standish report). The success rate of Strategic Information systems projects is improving due to many factors; one of the most important factors leading to this progress is the human factor, hitherto the implementation of an information system was carried out with a little regard to the organizational behaviour or to the fact that people by nature fear the change especially if it is radical, nowadays it appears that human concern is undertaken while implementing a strategic information systems. Of equal importance is the fact that the quality of knowledge has been improved during the last decade, many books were written to enlighten how it was difficult to address the different issues while implementing a Strategic Information Systems, though some of the theories and methodologies have been questioned and challenged, all this studies have contributed to the understanding of how to drive a

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