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It Policy - Ass2 Essay

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Assessment 2 - Case Study

Part A: Consider the MacVille case study (1 and 2) from assessment 1 and following minutes of the board meeting, where the CEO spoke about the strategic objectives that will form part of the strategic plan.
  * Task: strategic plan
  * Objective 1 – To sell and service MacVille espresso coffee machines in every state of Australia. This was a top priority that would involve the acceptance of Java Estates tender. This was an important alliance and one that should be managed at the highest level. With the Sydney warehouse now established, it was important to look for other warehouse opportunities in high volume states. The other states could be managed with an agent’s network and by outsourcing the maintenance.
      * Strategy 1 – The strategy is to establish a strong networking with potential alliances and looking for warehouses in each state. For example, in first objective, for the espresso coffee machines sales and service, MacVille should target Java Estates tender as the top priority to extend their networking and business. For other states, a strategic plan to locate the warehouse will be the major concerns and following the outsourcing the business maintenance.
  * Objective 2 – To increase profit margins by 5% from our 2010 benchmark in the next five years. This should occur naturally, with increased sales allowing for better price negotiations with suppliers, and getting all departments to make optimum use of their staff.
      * Strategy 2 – A good business plan for objective 2 is to negotiate better supply price and to make best benefits of staff. To compare the 2010’s company profit as the benchmark, the objectives for next following 5 years is to significantly increase 5% business profit margin.
  * Objective 3 – To establish the MacVille brand recognition in key markets in the next five years, mostly via new technologies but also co-branding with our...

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