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M&M Project Report Abstract This paper is a summarize of collecting number of M&M bags from different stores and use the information according to quantities in bags and colors of the candies per bag to perform different calculation using statistics method such as mean, proportions, sample standard deviation, sample mean, median, mode. Students will record the results from those calculations and put in a summary table or data with histogram for illustration. This project will help us as statistic’s students to utilize M&M data to justify some of the concepts which we are learning as well as to examine the methods being taught. All the students’ data will be combined into a central data and it will be used for the remaining part of the project. Our conclusion will be based on the calculations and graph that we obtained throughout the project with Excel tool, Histogram graph, MS Word and StatCrunch to assist us with all the calculations such as confidence interval for the proportion of each color as well as the mean number of candies per bags. Title This project is designed to help students utilize all the topics, formulas, calculations which we are learnt throughout the course to implement them in real life problem. For this project, we are using 1.69 oz bags of plain M&M candies which we bought at three different stores to verify the concepts and methods in this statistic course. Part 1 In Part 1, we are required to go to three different stores and bough three 1.69 oz bags of plain M&M candies. We have to count how many are blue, orange, green, yellow, red and brown in each bag along with the quantities of candies from each bag. Then we will record the data and put into the Excel and submit to the Instructor. Everyone in the class will combine their data and put into one class data set so that everyone will have the same data

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