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The simplest form of network is a client/server network. False Clients on a client/server network share their resources directly with each other. False Hands-on experience to improve networking hardware and software skills is important when attempting to enter the networking field. True Network functions are associated with only one layer of the OSI model. False The application layer includes software applications. False Not all Transport layer protocols are concerned with reliability. True The strength of an electrical signal conform to a specific pathway. False Modulation can be used to make a signal conform to a specific pathway. True Latency occurs when a signal traveling on one wire or cable infringes on the signal traveling over an adjacent wire or cable. False The maximum distance a signal can travel and still be interpreted accurately is equal to a segment's maximum length. True Transmission media: The means through which data is transmitted and received Workstation: A computer on a network that requests services or resources from another computer on a network Addressing: The scheme for assigning a unique identifying number to every node on a network NIC: The device inside a computer that connect a computer to the network media Topology: The physical layout of a computer network Data packets: The distinct units of data that are exchanged between nodes on a network Protocol: A standard method or format for communication between networked devices Backbone: The part of a network to which segments and significant shared devices connect Networks enable users to share resources: An advantage of networks Access Services: services that allow remote users to connect to the network Communications Services: Service that supports email Management Services: Services

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