'It Is Only When Everyone Is Different, That Everyone Will Belong'

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"It is only when everyone is different, that everyone will belong." I think this is a sugar coated attempting to umbrella a subject that can't be contained by such a perfectly scripted sentence as there is nothing about belonging that has been perfected. As senior students who have been studying 'outsiders' and will studying 'belonging', I hope that while you aren't here to listen to my opinions by choice I would hope that you could listen as the concept of belonging doesn't only apply to our English classrooms but also to our lives. I'd like to share my understanding of 'belonging'; this 'word' is the feature of our English studies and yet what does it mean 'to belong'? in my opinion it means to have and feel a connection to ones surroundings that produce a state of comfort. As humans, once we have eaten, drank and slept our next strongest urge is to belong so that we can validate our existence. It is because of this uncontainable need that I disagree with this statement. Even though at present we share the fact that we are individuals, this doesn’t create a sense of belonging. The sense of belonging is only attained by connecting ourselves to people who are similar. We can't gain a sense of belonging by being different. We want to 'fit in' because as a society not belonging is considered a negative thing. And it is not only me that thinks so. When studying belonging I was given Peter Skrzynecki's Immigrant Chronicles and told to select two of them for an 'in depth analysis' into how they relate to the topic, I chose Migrant Hostel, and St. Patrick's College. I then, chose my support texts; Saved!, a 2004 film written and directed by Brian Dannelly and The Ugly Duckling a fairy tale written by Hans Christen Anderson in 1843. And it is using these that I will present to you my understanding of the concept of belonging. Before beginning my studies this

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