It Is Cruel To Keep Animals In Cages

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Who would take offence at the sight of well-fed horses grazing on an acre field? Few people would see cruelty there, yet who would not feel sorry for a tiger in a circus trailer endlessly pacing behind the bars. By understanding that there is a number of possible conditions of captivity from national parks to battery pigs and by appreciating that we all have a threshold beyond which we will point the finger and say ‘that is cruel. There is nothing wrong with this attitude, it is perfectly rational point of view and those who hold it are genuine animal lovers with concern for animal welfare. I believe that it is cruel to keep animals in cages First of all, everyone has witnessed animal cruelty before, whether it is the neglect of a pet dog or cat or animals being captured and caged for unjust and unexplained research. For example, a tiger being captured , his habitat is wide open savannas, how would he feel being locked up in a cage that has little, let enough space for running around, hunting or surviving. This is just another sign for the restriction of freedom for animals, for those who don’t understand the seriousness of the situation towards the animal, let’s just say it was you, caged up, no space to really roam around, nothing to do, you would go insane after a while, this is exactly the same for tigers and many other types of animals. People may argue that animals seem fine when they’re caged up at a zoo; the fact is this is only part of the whole picture. Trying to assess cruelty is made all the more difficult because we do not always know, and cannot always see, what becomes of the animals at night when all the people have gone home. Very often this is when the real process of confinement takes place. When animals are brought up in captivity, they obviously have no knowledge how to raise themselves in the wild. It often does not recognise other members

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