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Information Systems in the Workplace Christopher Brown CIS 205 8/24/2011 Mark Vitry Information Systems in the Workplace In a modern business, it could be argued that the single most important factor in the survival of a company is keeping up-to-date with the advances in technology. For the majority of successful businesses this comes down to proper management of their information systems. Information systems such as; computers, telephones/cellphones, networks, and file storage. With outdated technology come many problems that could destroy a company from the inside. This is true when applied to most companies and even the military. In the United States Air Force every aspect of the work day is centered on information systems. The most important of which is the computer workstation. Everything that is done in an Airman’s average workday begins and ends at the workstation. Since the primary mode of communication in the military is email it is the first thing checked every morning and the last thing checked before leaving at the end of the day. All reports that are submitted are either typed on or printed from the workstation. From typing basic reports to submitting work request forms and inventories everything must be done via computer workstation. Without a workstation it would be near impossible for many people to do their jobs. After all of the work has been completed and it needs to be saved it is sent to file storage systems on a server. File storage is how we are able to access all of the collected knowledge and information that we need to live our lives and do our jobs. Everything that is done on a government computer is cataloged and kept in file storage somewhere. This level of security allows individuals to do their jobs without fear of losing everything they have worked on. This allows a business such as the USAF, and it is a

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