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Introduction I am a Business Management major but with the concentration towards human resource. I sought out this major to learn all the responsibilities for this particular career path in order to help people. Along with this choice for a career, the profession of human resources has many departments within itself as many professions do. For technology impact purposes although it is in a lot of systems that HR personnel uses on a day to day basis the focal point of this research took on how hiring is used. Hiring someone is a long process as it is and without technology being incorporated it was an even more grueling process. The hiring process isn’t easy because as a representative of the employer there is no need for certain kind of people in certain areas of work. Sorting out the potential employees from the ones that may not have a future in such field that is being sought out for is important. Technology gives HR personnel the room for flexibility when it comes to applicants. There are certain things HR personnel can add or delete to a pre-test for an applicant or they can even omit or readmit certain qualifications need for job so that at initial screening there will be a fewer choice of applicants. All these types of options are given to an HR personnel through technology. Once software in particular stated in our text book is the HRMIS which gives insight to applicants, current employees and former employees records. Social media also plays a huge part in potential and how the internet has shaped just about every professional field throughout the years. Email gives ground for effective communication just as phones do between different parties. Search engines as well have had a great impact throughout the years because certain sites are focused on providing future employees to view job vacancies with a click of a

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