It could be a beautiful world

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It Could Be a Beautiful World In today’s times we hear a lot of negative talk about the condition of the world. We hear about the violence, the crime, and the abuse. The emphasis seems to be placed on the bad news, very seldom hearing about the good news in the world. There are many programs supported by our government that attempt to better the world, but when it comes right down to it the responsibility lies solely in the lap of the people. Many of the programs do not really offer permanent solutions to the problems faced by the population of the world. The programs only treat the problems. If people would learn to take care of themselves and heal take care of each other instead of leaning on the government to help them, everyone would benefit. In order to care about or help each other, people need to know their neighbors. If I could do something to better the world, it would be to require block parties for every city and town. The block parties would be held once every six months, that way if someone left the community or came into the community they would still feel welcomed and a part. Each person in the community would be required to attend. The parties would be for every one within a certain distance. There would be food, games, activities, and fun. The block parties would provide a way for the kids and adults in the neighborhood to get to know each other. Once the kids knew each other, they could play together after school and during the summer. They could walk to school together, study together, and grow together. If the kids knew each other maybe there would be no need for gangs and fewer fights. They would all be friends and bond together, caring about each other and their needs. As for the adults, they too would develop a sense of friendship and community. They could learn about each others jobs and
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