It 600 Final Project Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric Essay

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IT 600 Final Project Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric IT 600 Final Project Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric Overview: For the final project, you will evaluate a fictitious organization and develop a set of operating system requirements and a comprehensive recommendation for that organization. The goal is to leverage the cumulative knowledge you acquire in each module of this course to map operating system components to organizational challenges. Each module will have a conceptual base. You will then complete a hands-on lab by leveraging the workstation you are using to take this course. Later, you can apply the knowledge of the specific operating system commands in those labs to write about how the commands would be applied in a real-world analysis of an operating system’s capabilities. Review the Top Secret, Inc. scenario below carefully to understand the nature of the problem. They make a fine product, yet they cannot use it effectively to run their own operation. Consider the differences between a simple single-purpose operating system and a general-purpose operating system and how the concepts you are learning in this course can help Top Secret, Inc. find a solution. Scenario: Top Secret, Inc. (TSI) is a successful operating system company whose customers include Fortune 500 companies, governments throughout the world, and major U.S. contractors. TSI makes embedded operating systems for secure terminals that control ingress/egress control systems for Wall Street firms, camera systems for drone aircraft for government contractors, and alarm systems for top-secret government installations. TSI operating systems are worldrenowned for their quick response to sensor input, highly reliable operation, limited memory utilization, small size on disk, and low
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