It 244 Week 2 Essay

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What does a trusted computing base consist of? ☐ Security-related hardware. ☐ Security-related software. ☐ Security-related firmware. ☑ All security hardware, software, and firmware, as a whole. Briefly explain the purpose of a trusted computing base. The idea of a TCB is to minimize threats to the system and if possibly prevent and eliminate them before they become issues. A TCB is all of the software, hardware, firmware and well, everything, this ensures multiple layers of security all working together to restrict access to functions and files which users do not need to access. Explain the purpose of the ring of trust model. The ring of trust model is designed to provide almost impenetrable security. The center is the kernel and then everything is setup in rings around it. The inner most ring, the kernel, has access to all of the outer rings, however a ring on the outside can never access a ring on the inside. This model is the most secure anyone has come up with, and while it's not fail proof as this toolwire seems to suggest it is, it is the best we have, and very effective. Does the US currently adhere to the TCSEC security evaluation standards? ☐ Yes ☑ No How many evaluation access levels are defined in the Common Criteria? ☐ 3 ☐ 5 ☑ 7 ☐ 10 Describe the purpose of the Common Evaluation Methodology. This methodology allows us to evaluate how secure a system really is. By having standards and a base to compare a system's security to, we can evaluate how secure it really is and then rank it

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