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It 240 Week 6 Assignment Essay

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Week 6 Assignment
August 19, 2012

Week 6 Assignment
Taking into consideration that the current and/or suspected future growth of the company in question is not offered one would have to consider the larger picture when creating a user naming convention. Considering there are currently three domains, the employee size could be more than a few, typical in a small company. I would create a naming convention including a letter and six digit number, such as N000000. Employee “Bob Builder” would be N000001, “Sally Builder” would be N000002 and so on. However, if the company is already using a nomenclature as a means to identify their employees then it will be used. Initially, a generic password will be created for each user. The generic password will have a requirement of ‘user must change password upon initial login. Passwords will have a minimum length of   seven characters with at least one capital, one number, and one special character, such as Tevans12%. For security purposes passwords will be required to be changed every six months.

To setup a user’s account: open the Active Directory Users and Computers, double click the Users folder, right click on the folder , new, then users, this will cause the New object-user dialog box to display. Enter the required information the dialog box asks for: Full name, last name, and check the required box in which suggests User must change password at next login.

Since the domains or groups have been created “Your Microsoft® Windows® 2000-based office network has three domains: ALPHA, BETA, and OMEGA, all in the same Active Directory tree” the next step would be to create a local group within each of the three domains.

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