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Wireless Signals IT/232 February 26, 2012 Ed Spear Wireless Signals Four types of wireless technology include infrared transmissions, Bluetooth, Radio Systems and cellular technology. Each used a different type of signal and is used for different purposes. Infrared technologies are a point to point communications such as in a remote control for the television or stereo system. Infrared systems are linked using LEDs or light emitting diodes. This limits the signal to one room because the light cannot penetrate walls or other objects in its path. This type of signal would only be used by a business for office purposes. In fact most businesses have this technology in use without even thinking about it. Bluetooth technology is a step up from Infrared in that it does not have to be limited to one room; the signal can penetrate…show more content…
Businesses would utilize a satellite signal for a wireless network connection to remote or mobile locations that otherwise would not be able to receive a signal through conventional methods. Satellite technology is used by satellite television providers to offer an alternative to classic cable television; some cellular companies will offer a satellite phone for long range companies that might travel to places without cellular towers. The military utilizes satellite technology for communications often. A big drawback to satellite communications is propagation delay. This is the time it takes a signal to travel from earth to the satellite orbiting the earth and back. A buffering system such as that used for video streaming can be used in a one way transmission but is not usable for a two way transmission such as a live telephone call. There can be a significant delay in a conversation much like when watching a live interview on television where the interviewer asks a question and there is a noticeable delay before it is

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