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This paper was prepared for ISY101: Introduction to Computer Systems, Homework Assignment, Module 1 taught by Duncan Rhoden 1. Name 5 keys on a keyboard and describe each of their functions. The 5 keys on a computer keyboard that I will discuss are the shift key, caps lock key, escape key, tab key, and the enter key. The shift key allows you to capitalize one letter at a time and allows you to produce symbols that are located at the top of the number keys other symbol keys. The caps lock key allows you to capitalize all letters while you are typing and does not change the numbers to symbols while typing in caps lock. The escaped key cancels the operation you are doing. The tab key moves the cursor over to the next tab setting…show more content…
2. What role does digital technology play in the freedom of speech and democracy? The role digital technology plays in your freedom of speech democracy is it allows you to express your ideas and beliefs to the entire world through the internet. Digital technology has no physical boundaries which allows you to write what you want, how you feel about a political issue and about a person or incident that has effected your life and the lives of others. Digital technology allows information to travel quickly and with out interruptions. Digital technology allows people running for a government office too send you any type of solicitation through email to get the word out that they have your back and your concerns are their concerns. Digital technology allows you to research a person that is running for office to see what type of trouble you have been in or what they can use to smear dirt in you’re the other guys face during election time. Digital technology effects your freedom of speech and democracy by allowing everyone to

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