Issues With Vaccines And Immunizations Essay

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Running Head: Vaccines and Immunizations Issues with Vaccines and Immunizations Contents Abstract Introduction Vaccines Evolution Current Issues in the US Anti-vaccine movement Conclusion References Abstract Vaccines and their capability to put a stop to mortality of infectious diseases have been nearly the utmost of public health achievements. Thinking globally, it is one of not many effective medical instruments that outcome in collective benefit. Regardless this fact, we witness a rising anti-vaccine movement. In its turn, this has, in a number of cases, resulted in big disruptions in vaccine programs, followed-on by unnecessary deaths. This paper will observe the evolution of vaccines, current issues of vaccination and immunization in the US and present examples. Introduction Globalisation and the modern level of civilisation development only promote occurrence of new diseases and acceleration of process of diffusion of already known between the countries and continents. Interdependence of national economies, escalating on this background, leads to occurrence of the new aspects bound to liquidation of financial and economic consequences of infectious diseases, and demands from the world community of a development of new approaches to their prevention. Diffusion of such illnesses as HIV/ AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, flashes of new diseases – bird flu, atypical pneumonia cause enormous economic damage, destabilise socio-political situation in many countries of the world and interfere with achievement of the Millennium Development Goals both in public health, and in other areas. It is now obvious, that financial and economic consequences of infectious diseases have appreciable negative influence on economic growth. According to last researches, the

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