Issues Relating To American Immigration Essay

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Title: Issues Relating to American Immigration Introduction Recently, immigration has become the subject of a great deal of debate amongst American politicians, the press and the public. A series of recent events has focused public attention on the issues relating to immigration. According to the Congressional Quarterly Researcher, four specific events brought concern about illegal immigration to the fore. These were the World Trade Center bombing in which illegal aliens were involved, the shooting of two CIA employees by an illegal immigrant, the rejection of Clinton’s nominees for attorney general when it was revealed they hired undocumented aliens as nannies and the boatloads of Chinese seeking entry by simply, and literally, appearing on America’s shores. More recently, of course, was the arrest of men entering illegally from Canada in order to commit terrorist acts at the New Year. These incidents have placed illegal immigration on the list of hot topics. However, and more importantly, some critics of American immigration policy have begun to suggest that the problem is not simply illegal immigration but the entire concept of America as a receiving area for immigrants. These critics suggest that addressing the problem of illegal immigration is inadequate and that the United States must reassess its immigration policies overall. They argue that immigration overall not just illegal immigration is the problem. Therefore, the following discussion will focus on a series of issues. Initially, the question of illegal immigration and undocumented aliens will be considered. Subsequently, broader reforms to American immigration policy will be considered. Essentially, it will be argued that illegal immigration and the employment of undocumented aliens is a problem that needs to be addressed while the assertion that

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