Issues of Grief in Separation or Divorce

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Issues of grief in separation/divorce (including children’s issues) There is a five-stage process of coping with a major loss, according to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross (Miller, 1994:37). They are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. These stages are equally applicable to parents’ or a couple going through separation or divorce, as they are to children bearing the impact and consequences of a family break up. The various issues that families face due to a marriage or relationship break up are wide and varied, and this presentation (and my paper) cannot begin to capture them all. Factors such as length of the marriage, why the break down, substance abuse, repeat cycles from family of origin, whether there are children, among many other factors, can all influence the issues and how they impact people embroiled in separation or divorce. Due to the required length of the paper, I concentrated on Parents and Children’s issues, however I will look at other areas affected today during my presentation. PARENTS I think that Ann Mitchell in her book Coping with Separation and Divorce sums it up quite well - “Unbelievably, at one fell swoop, you have lost your spouse, your status, your hopes, the framework of your daily life and – possibly – your home and/or your children. You have lost companionship and maybe you have lost in-laws and friends” (Mitchell, 86:14) in my sleep i dreamed you called. you said you were moving back with your old lover. you said you thought a phone call would be the cleanest way to handle it, “it” being that we could never see each other again, and that i should understand why. i moved to wake myself and found i wasn’t sleeping after all. my life became a nightmare. Peter McWilliams From How to Survive the Loss of a Love (Colgrove et al, 1976-91: 21) Issues of loss (may) include:
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