Issues in the Mass Media: Piracy in the Music Industry

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Issues in the Mass Media: Piracy In the Music Industry Illegal downloading is a major issue that the music industry has been trying to deal with since music technology took off since 1999 with new music technology and inventions like the IPod. With the ability to transfer songs so easily has quickly captivated many people and changed the game drastically in the music world. With technology rapidly increasing, file-sharing sites like Napster, LimeWire, Pirate Bay and many more, society was introduced to the world of illegal downloading. These sites allow for people to copy and share their files with others for free. This allowed for people to have access to lots of music and even movies without even blinking. As these sharing sites have become more popular, the more problematic they have become. Many people do not see the issue that comes with illegal downloading. As a result of illegal downloading, music revenues have dropped substantially and have taken a toll on the music and entertainment industry. Although, society may not see this because they just see the pop stars who are rich and famous and forget about the bigger picture. Illegal downloading consists of two parts; the losses from CD production in producing pirated CD’s and the losses from online downloading. Society is aware that it is illegal to download but they are not willing to pay for their media and do not believe they have to or that they are doing something wrong. Pirated music affects singers, songwriters and up and coming artists or bands. It affects every person who is apart of the process, which also impacts the economy. Lastly it impacts the sales and industry itself. Copying and using illegally downloaded music for personal or sharing purposes have a negative chain effect to the music industry and those who are in it. Piracy is an issue that the music industry continuously
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