Issues In The African Banking Essay

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Editorial Issues in the African Banking Context Journal of Financial Services Marketing (2011) 16, 275–276. doi:10.1057/fsm.2011.29 The last three articles in this double issue cover a range of topics from the African banking context. The first of these is Delport, Steyn and Mostert’s paper, ‘Relationship intention of South African banking and life insurance customers’, which focuses on the factors affecting relationship intention among customers of South African financial institutions. Banks and other financial institutions globally are facing similar challenges in terms of competition, resulting in a focus on retaining customers and building long-term relationships with them. However, not all customers are willing to develop long-term relationships. The task for banks is to identify and target those customers who intend to develop and maintain a long-term relationship with the firm, that is, those with a high relationship intention. The objective of the study was to investigate the constructs constituting relationship intention and to determine whether differences exist between high and low relationship intention customers for the relationship intention constructs. On the basis of a non-probability, convenience sample of 401 respondents, the study identifies five constructs constituting relationship intention: involvement, expectations, forgiveness, feedback and fear of relationship loss. Moreover, the authors note that high and low relationship intention respondents perceive four of the five constructs differently. In comparison with low relationship intention respondents, high relationship intention respondents have a greater desire to be more involved with their banks or life insurance providers, have significantly greater expectations from their banks or life insurance providers, are more likely to forgive their banks or life insurance providers for service
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