Issues in Professional Sports

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Asian Americans in professional sports Peace Kerubo Kenyatta: Kenyatta University Women officiates in professional sports Racism has been part of everyone’s lives. It could be through the news or personal experience; racism is all around us. It appears as if racism has been accepted as being part of life. It does not seem like people are ready to put in the effort that will alter the situation all at once. However, there is one element of life where it could be easy to eliminate racism and making a large impact on the general fight. This is sports (Guttmann, 2004). Sports are generally an essential part of present day society. Thousands of people follow their teams religiously as games are allotted prime time on popular networks as sports news has gone on to become part of regular nigh time news and not their academics. Even academic institutions are known for their sports. The problem, however, with the popularity of sports in society today, is that every individual is watching. Actions in sports, especially the negative ones, never go unnoticed. Presently there have been several incidents of discrimination and racism in professional sports. Most recognized, however, is racism against black people and Latinos? Not much light has been shed on racism against Asian American despite its being rampant. Asian Americans have for a long time been targets of racial segregation yet, until recently; there has not been enough attention paid to the experienced Asian Americans compared to that of other racial groups (Guttmann, 2004). This discrepancy is because of two reasons, first is a special relationship between whites and African Americans in the united stets which has necessitated an overwhelming attention to experiences of African Americans. Second is the fact that Asian Americans are generally perceived to be successful in the united states, this, therefore, means
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