Issues In Justin's Essay 'For The Family'

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COURSE: ISSUES IN ECE 102 FALL 2012 FOR THE FAMILY ESSAY FROM CHAPTER 5 I could never comprehend why someone would want to have a child and then, during that child’s most needy years, leave. There are times when I try to rationalize why some parents leave their children behind and never go back for them, about why are they so terrible at parenting or are they? There…show more content…
According to the essay, the author states that “As human beings, we exercise no greater power than parenting. We have the capacity to create and maintain. We have the capacity to destroy. And, we have control over our choices. This quote caught my attention because as a child who grew up with an absent father, I felt this essay really got to the heart of the problem that many children faces now a day. I was lucky in knowing my father's decision not to have anything to do with me growing up was because he resented paying support. I wish I could believe parents left for altruistic reasons, but I think those are just excuses. If they really feared screwing up their kids they could take classes, they could learn to be parents, take anger management classes. Simply, they cannot be arsed to bother. One of my friend fathers left when she was about 5 years old because he was a drug addict and did not want to drag his daughter down. To me the message in that case was pretty much "I love my drugs more than you. Children are not toys you can just pick up when you want to play, and then discard when you're bored with it. Abandonment can affect children lives in so many ways, this can impact the child's future ability to trust and later develop problems in the

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