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ANALYSIS OF SECURITY ISSUES IN CLOUD BASED E-LEARNING Master’s (one year) thesis in Informatics (15 credits) Gunasekar Kumar (S101261) Anirudh Chelikani (S101405) 2011MAGI23 i Title: Analysis of security issues in cloud based e-learning Year: 2011 Author/s: Gunasekar Kumar (S101261) Anirudh Chelikani (S101405) Supervisor: Jens Allwood Abstract: Cloud based E-Learning is one of the booming technologies in IT field which brings powerful e-learning products with the help of cloud power. Cloud technology has numerous advantages over the existing traditional E-Learning systems but at the same time, security is a major concern in cloud based e-learning. So security measures are unavoidable to prevent the loss of users’ valuable data from the security vulnerabilities. Cloud based e-learning products also need to satisfy the security needs of customers and overcome various security threats which attack valuable data stored in cloud servers. So the study investigates various security issues involved in cloud based e-learning technology with an aim to suggest solutions in the form of security measures and security management standards. These will help to overcome the security threats in cloud based elearning technology. To achieve our thesis aim, we used theoretical and empirical studies. Empirical study is made through the information gathered through various cloud based elearning solution vendors websites. And the theoretical study is made through the text analysis on various research articles related to our subject areas. And finally the constant comparative method is used to compare the empirical findings with the facts discovered from our theoretical findings. These analysis and research studies are leads to find various security issues in cloud based e-learning technology. Keywords: Security, Cloud based E-Learning technology, Security management

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