Issues Affecting the Aged Essay

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Issues Affecting the Aged Vicky Leigh Minik BSHS/342 May 6, 2013 Professor Barbara Kennedy Issues Affecting the Aged  At any stage in life there comes with it issues that affect a person biologically, socially, emotionally and environmentally. Knowing how we age and how to accept these changes will help people live better lives. In late life the body physically and cognitively declines. Educating the elderly will enable them to take the proper steps to ensure attention is given to those changes. As we age it seems as though all our family and friends are passing away giving way to the realization of our own mortality. Coping with death and dying are issues that can occur in any stage however, the late life or end of life stage is known for this concern the most. This paper will explain all the aforementioned topics that affect the aging population including the economic issues that affect our elderly, elderly abuse and ageism. Health and Fitness/Biological Changes In the late life stage we begin to notice that our bodies do not respond the way they used to. Certain foods, physical abilities, and forgetfulness tend to change within our bodies making them unknown and new familiarities. Keeping regular doctor visits will help in determining the seriousness of the changes and decline in certain faculties. People need knowledge and understanding of what is changing and what is to be expected in aging. A healthier diet, regular exercise, medications if necessary, and socialization will assist seniors in their journey of old age. New technology can help in exercise, the WII fit is a wonderful way to give seniors their exercise as they can be chair bound and play bowling. This has proven to be an effective tool in keeping eye hand coordination and exercising arms, and in socialization. Taking a walk or stroll at a minimum of a few times a

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