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Issue of Transport Disadvantage and Possible Solutions Essay

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Executive summary

This report investigates the emerging issue of transport disadvantage. In Australia, the issue of transport disadvantage has become increasingly pervasive. Restricted by the difficulties accessing public transport, three groups of people are most likely to experience transport disadvantage. They are families with low income, people with less mobility, such as the elderly, people with disabilities and pregnant women, and households in rural locations (Koren 2011, p. 2). Transport disadvantage limits social participation and leads to severe social consequences. The Australian government is endeavoring to identify the reasons that have contributed to the problem and then mitigate it. This business report identifies the main reasons of transport disadvantage, the consequences of this issue as well as some possible recommendations regarding to transport disadvantage.

Issue discussion

Transport disadvantage is defined as ‘difficulties accessing transport (both public and private transport) and/or difficulties associated with maintaining private transport (i.e. cars)’ (Rosier and McDonald 2011, p.2). Two main factors have caused this issue, which are the difficulties of accessing to public transport and difficulties of accessing on public transport.

The main reasons of transport disadvantage are:

1. Difficulties of accessing to public transport
People living in remote locations or with low income have difficulties in accessing to public transport. In Australia, most of rural areas are characterized as low-density population with less or even no public transport (Nutley 2003, p. 55). Households in rural areas have to rely on cars travelling to study or work. Based on the statistics from ABS (2008), only 1.7% individuals living outside capital cities travel to work or study by public transport, however, the proportion of people in capital cities is 19.1%. In addition, in some rural regions, such as families in the Far West of NSW and...

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