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Give and Learn 115 6. proposal 7. donate | suggestioncontribute | ordergiVe | recommendationsell | 8. admire 9. devote10. inspire11. battered12. thrilled | respect dedicate lessen broken happy | regard take encourage hurt saddened | accept g1ve motivate complete excited | - | - | | | 2 Focus on Reading : - --- - A Reading One: Justin Lebo Justin Lebo is a young boy who volunteers his time and energy to help others in a unique way. Read the first two paragraphs and answer the following questions with a partner. Then read the rest of the article. 1. What condition is the bicycle in? 2. Why do you think Justin says the bicycle is "perfect"? 3. What do you think Justin will do with the bicycle? JUSTIN LEBO BY PHILLIP HOOSE (from It 's Our World, Too) 1 Something about the battered old bicycle at the garage sa1e1 caught ten-year-old Justin Lebo's eye. What a wreck! It was like looking at a few big bones in the dust and trying to figure out what kind of dinosaur they had once belonged to. 2 It was a BMX bike with a twenty-inch frame. Its original color was buried beneath five or six coats of gunky paint. Everything-the grips, the pedals, the brakes, the seat, the spokes-was bent or broken, twisted and rusted. Justin stood back as if he were inspecting a painting ! I,' I. i,', for sale at an auction. Then he made his final judgment: perfect. : .' ------------ -------------------------------- ---------------- ·: ··: ' garage sale: a sale of used furniture, clothes, toys, etc. held at someone's home, usuaH y in someone's garage ;

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