Israelites Chaos

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Lee James Bible 105 Dr. Ronald Giese Essay 2 The time period that spanned roughly 270 years presented in the Book of Judges, was a time filled with chaos and uncertainty for the Israelites. Time after time the Israelites failed. As we learned in Dr. Hindson’s lessons, that over a series of six cycles the Israelites continuously: “compromised themselves religiously which led to moral corruption, resulting in civil catastrophe”. Throughout the six cycles a number of heroes raised up by God surfaced and led the Israelites out of their dilemma and into a period of peace before yet again, another cycle of chaos. Finally, the people of Israel wanted to put an end to the uncertainty and wanted to unite the country. The people of Israel wanted a king “like all the other nations” (Hindson pp 164). The transition from judges to a king effectively begins with Samuel as Hindson tells us that God “chooses to confirm Samuel as his divine spokesperson”. Hindson continues on page 162 with “God used Samuel to anoint Israel’s first two kings…show more content…
No one in the Israelite camp was willing to step forward and accept Goliath’s challenge. Upon his arrival at the Israelite camp to deliver supplies, David hears yet another challenge from Goliath. With God’s help, David takes up the challenge and with his sling slays Goliath. As evidenced by his willingness to step forward, David proves to be a brave and fearless man. The difference between David and Saul was that David developed and held to a personal relationship with God. God provided the power and wisdom which guided David’s actions. David then leads the Israelites in a number of conquests and we are told in Hindson “the Lord helped David with victory wherever he went”. David eventually consolidated Israel into a nation and Jerusalem as his
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