Israel and Palestine Conflict Issues Essay

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The Israel-Palestinian Conflict Name Course Institution Introduction Israel is a Jewish country located between Egypt and Lebanon in the Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. With an area of about 20,770km2, Israel is slightly smaller than New Jersey. Israel is mainly occupied by the Jews who make up almost 80% of the population. The official language of Israel is Hebrew although Arabic is also used and English for commonly used foreign language. Palestine is located on the eastern off shore of the Mediterranean Sea in the southern part of Lebanon. Palestine is a Muslim country and the official language is Arabic with 85% of the population being Muslims. According to the latest census Palestine has a population of about 3 million including the west bank and east Jerusalem. Origin In 1917 the British issued the Balfour declaration. This move was viewed as a promising “National Home” by the Jews and Arabs. The Jewish homeland was to be established in Palestine through the help of Arthur James Balfour the British foreign secretary. Great Britain support for the Jewish homeland was accepted by the Jewish community. Coincidentally, the Palestinian Arabs had been promised the same piece of area by the Germans for siding with them in World War I. Both the Jews and the Arabs felt that they had been betrayed since they had been promised the same piece of land. This is after Palestine was given to the British to govern at the end of the war; to govern as a league nation’s mandate. The Jewish national council proclaimed Israel after the British withdrew from Palestine in 1948. This move was greatly opposed by the neighboring Palestine Arabs. The aim of the Zionist movement was to completely dispose the Arab population so that Israel can be a Jewish state as a whole. The Jewish National fund

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