Isolation And Loneliness In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Have you ever watched a horror film that involved a love story? This is an example of Gothic Literature, which combines the two elements of love and horror in one. In Mary Shelly's life, she faced tragedy and adversity, growing up without a mother, then later expirencing the death of her child. During such a tragic time, Shelly began to show signs of isolation and loneliness. In the novel Frankenstein, isolation and lonleness were two main themes that emphasized through out the novel in many characters. This essay will focus on how three individuals from Frankenstein, Victor, Elizabeth, and The Creature, each expirenced or showed signs of isolation/loneliness. One of the major characters in the novel is Victor Frankenstein. Victor left for school to further his pursuit of knowledge in science. While there he…show more content…
Elizabeth developed this theme at the beginning of the novel when she was adopted she was isolated before. “It was as a child when I awoke, I felt cold also, and half frightened as it were instinctive finding myself so desolate” (Ch. 8) Then when Victor left for his studies and left Elizabeth behind she was also lonely. While Elizabeth was left behind she consistently wrote letters to Victor in hopes of a letter in return and never received any. Victor ignored her letters which caused Elizabeth to only experience for signs of loneliness/isolation. Loneliness and Isolation were two of the many themes developed in the novel of Frankenstein. The characters that i also chose to relate these themes to were also, only three of the many characters that experienced themes of isolation/loneliness. Many people go through this theme on daily basis that is why is easy way to stay connected to the novel, feeling a connection to the text. Overall the novel Frankenstein was a great novel and i would suggest it to many other

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