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| | | | | Old Matthias was sitting beside his door. Anyone going the road would think that it was an image of stone or of marble that was in it - that, or a dead person - for he couldn’t believe that a living man could stay so calm, so quiet as that. He had his head high and an ear on him listening. It's many a musical sound there was to listen to, for the person who’d have heed on them. Old Matthias heard the road of the waves on the rocks, and the murmur of the stream flowing down and over the stones. He heard the screech of the heron-crane from the high, rocky shore, and the lowing of the cows from the pasture, and the bright laughter of the children from the green. But it wasn’t to any of these he was listening at attentively - though all of them were sweet to him - but to the clear sound of the bell for Mass that was coming to him on the wind In the morning stillness.All the people were gathered in to Mass. Old Matthias saw them going past, ion ones and tows, or in little groups. The boys were running and leaping. The girls were chattering merrily. The women were conversing in low tones. The men were silent. Like this, they’d travel the road every Sunday. Like this, Old Matthias would sit on his chair watching them till they'd go out of sight. They went past him this morning as usual. The old man remained looking at them till there was an end to the noise and the commotion, till the last group cleared the top of the church hill, till there was nothing to be seen but a long straight road stretching out, and it white, till there were note to be founds in the village but an odd old person in his bed, or children tricking on the green, and himself sitting beside his door.Old Matthias would not go to the chapel. He hadn’t heard the 'Sweet Mass' for over three score years. He was a strong, active youth the last time he blessed himself before the people, and

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