Ism Model Based on the Influence Factors of China-Rok Fta Concluded Essay

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Abstract: This paper model by constructing ISM Korea FTA concluded influencing factors analysis, the imbalance of China-ROK Foreign direct investment relationship is the impact of an FTA between the two countries biggest factor; addition, the trade imbalance and friction, FTA strategy differences in motivation, the industrial 'hollowing out' of an FTA between the two countries concerned but also affect the deep-seated factors. Finally the conclusion of the China-ROK FTA policy recommendations, such as the growing China to South Korea's foreign direct investment, reduce the trade deficit, the development of intra-industry trade and other policy recommendations. Keywords: ROK FTA ISM model factors countermeasures Fund Project: This is the Ministry of Education Social Science key projects, 'China Northeast Asia Strategy and policy research'; Jilin University Fundamental Research Project 'tracking Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia Security Innovation Team'; Jilin University Graduate Innovation Research Programme funded project 'Strengthening Regional Innovation Strategies based capacity building.' I. Background China and South Korea established diplomatic ties in 1992, bilateral trade and economic relations to the rapid development of bilateral cooperation in the field of trade increasingly widespread trade is growing rapidly. According to the Korea Customs Department statistics, in 1992 South Korea, Japan, America's trade volume was $ 6.4 billion, $ 31.1 billion, $ 36.4 billion; while to 2009 were $ 140.9 billion, $ 71.2 billion, $ 66.7 billion. In 2010, China and South Korea trade rose to $ 207.1 billion, an increase of 32%, a record high. Undoubtedly, China has become South Korea's largest trading partner, South Korea has become China's third largest trading partner. Despite the rapid development of bilateral economic and trade, but there are still hamper

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