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Island Man Commentary by: Saif Salah Al-Abbadi (for a Caribbean island man in London who still wakes up to the sound of the sea) Morning and island man wakes up to the sound of blue surf in his head the steady breaking and wombing wild seabirds and fishermen pushing out to sea the sun surfacing defiantly from the east of his small emerald island he always comes back groggily groggily Comes back to sands of a grey metallic soar to surge of wheels to dull north circular roar muffling muffling his crumpled pillow waves island man heaves himself Another London day Grace Nichols is a Guyanese poet. She was born in Georgetown, Guyana, in 1950. After working in Guyana as a teacher and journalist, she immigrated to the UK in 1977. Much of her poetry is characterized by Caribbean rhythms and culture, and influenced by Guyanese and Amerindian folklore. The following poem “Island Man” taken from “The Fat Black Woman’s Poems” from “I have Crosses an Ocean” selected poems. The first two introductory lines tells us to whom this poem is addressed, “for a Caribbean island man in London”, this Caribbean man in London wakes up each morning with the sound of the sea in his head. This Caribbean man might be a specific person in Nichol’s mind or can be to all Caribbean people living in London and miss their home. These first two lines also introduce one of the central themes of the poem: homesickness. Whenever we spend a long time away from home we often start to miss the small things, the everyday things that make a place feel like home. We miss the sights, the noise and even the smells of home and might even start to revisit these places in our dreams, just as the island man in this poem. The first stanza of the poem begins with the emphatic single word line ‘morning’ which sets the imagery of the poetic scene. Nichol’s used a
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