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island for otter skin. When the Russians were getting ready to leave, the chief of the island wanted his share of the otter skin. The captain of the ship brought down three big chest filled with jewels. The chief declined the offer, because he wanted the half of the otter skin. The captain got angry and killed the chief. The girl Karana and her brother were left on the island. In the middle of the story she builds a house and decides to stay there for the rest of her life. At the end of the story, this ship comes to rescue her and bring her to the land her people went. The theme of the story was that she learned to survive on her own and befriends a old enemy. The climax of the story was when she had fun with a Russian girl and her pets. One minor conflict was when befriends the wild dog that killed her brother. The last one is when she was rescued off the island. The girl Karana is seen as a smart survivor. Her brother Ramo is seen as a outgoing person. Her dad is the chief of the island is seen as really brave. I rate this book a five. The first reason why I rated this book a five because it really thrilling on how she survives on the island alone. The second reason is that she will have to choose on following her people to land or stay on the island for the rest of her life. One quote from the book is when she says,” they are

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