Islamphobia and 9/11

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Islamophobia and 9/11 The September 11 attacks were a sequence of synchronized attacks by the radical group of Al-Qaeda upon the US on the 11th of September 2001. The 19 Islamist terrorists allied to Al-Qaeda hijacked commercial passenger jets and crashed two of the airliners deliberately on the Twin Towers and killing everyone on board. These events led to nearly 3,000 deaths and about 400,000 people were open to the elements of dust, smoke and a lot other chemicals. The fact that the attack was perpetrated by Muslims, there was a generalized view that Muslims were terrorists (Fiorenza, 2001). This brought about Islamophobia. Islamophobia is the bigotry and intolerance against Muslims (Fredman, 2001). The people especially Americans developed abhorrence and fright towards Muslims that led to fearing and disliking them. Islamophobia is also a practice of discerning against Muslims and not including them in financial, community and civic aspects of the state. The Muslims are looked at as people with no significance common to other cultures, a substandard cluster to the west and a vicious political idea rather than a religious conviction that it should be. Studies show that since September 11th’s events, the trend in Islamophobia has increased and the fact that the number of Muslims has increased in the west has added to it. Though phobia means unreasonable fear of something, critics say that Islamophobia is a rational fear that has been brought about by the violent nature of the September 11th attacks whose perpetrators were Muslims (Gottschalk, 2007). Many are controversial arguments to justify if there is existence of Islamophobia in the west. The Islamophobia culture has proof of existence in that public opinion about Muslims and the Islamic religion has grown more negative in the latest years. When asked for a word that best describes what their impression

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