Islamophobia in Australian Essay

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By 2030 the global population is set to reach over 8 billion and 26.4% of that population will be Muslim, Right now, 1 in 5 people on the planet are Muslim. Doesn't that scare you? It shouldn't. Assalam Alaikum, My name is Sohail and i am not a terrorist, well that’s what many of you guys would be thinking when I said Assalam Alaikum, Let me tell you the meaning of it, when us muslims Greet each other with the Assalam Alaikum, it means Peace be with you. When muslims start a conversation with peace be with you, than why should Australians fear from islam and the muslims. The term “islamophobia”, let me break it down, the meaning of Phobia is when used in a context of a psychological disorder, usually defined as a fear of an object or a situation in which that the person that is suffering from the fear commits great lengths of avoiding it. And I think a phobia is mainly caused by the lack of knowledge about the object or I mean a religion. The meaning of the word “islam”, islam is an Arabic word, when translated in English the meaning of it is “becoming peaceful, submission, self­surrender”, it comes from the word salam meaning “peaceful” as I told you earlier at the start. In islam there are beliefs and practices that us muslims follow, And no im not going to say fighting people in a unjust way or bombing people, lets leave that to the media. But really in Islam muslims have to follow 5 pillars: 1) the first one being the testimony (the Shahaduh in Arabic), meaning That there is not god but Allah and Muhammad (SAW: Peace be upon him) is the last messenger. 2) the second one of course is The Prayer (AS­Salat) prostrating towards Allah, we do that 5 times a day in special times. 3) the third pillar is Charity(Zakahat) Muslims who have money must give zakahat to those less fortunate in this world, 4) the fourth one is Fasting us muslims in the month of Ramadan

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