Islamic Finance for Micro and Medium Enterprises Essay

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ISLAMIC FINANCE FOR MICRO AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES Edited by Mohammed Obaidullah Hajah Salma Haji Abdul Latiff Islamic Research & Training Institute Islamic Development Bank Centre for Islamic Banking, Finance and Management Universiti Brunei Darussalam February 2008 CONTENTS # Foreword Introduction Mohammed Obaidullah Social Solidarity, Responsibility and Microfinance 1. Lifting Barriers in Financing the Small and Poor Entrepreneurs: Lessons from Group-Based Lending Scheme and Ibn Khaldun’s Social Solidarity Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki 2. A Standard of Corporate Social Responsibility for Islamic Financial Institutions: A Preliminary Study Sayd Farook Islamic Contracts and Products for Microfinance 3. Financing Micro and Medium Sized Enterprises through Decreasing Partnership (Musharakah Mutanaqisah): Refining Shari[ah and Banking Aspects for Enhanced Applicability Muhammad Abdurrahman Sadique 4. Islamic Microfinance Practices with a Particular Reference to Financing Entrepreneurs through Equity Participation Contracts in Sudanese Banks Gaffar Abdalla Ahmed 5. Agency Problems in Mudarabah Financing: The Case of Shari[ah Rural Banks, Indonesia Muhammad Akhyar Adnan and Muhamad 6. Application of Islamic Banking Instrument (Bay[ Salam) for Agriculture Financing in Pakistan Ahmad Kaleem 7. Gharzul-Hasaneh Financing and Institutions in Iran Kazem Sadr 8. Murabahah Mode of Financing for Micro and Medium Sized Enterprises: a Case Study of Baitul Mal Wattamwil (BMT), Yogyakarta, Indonesia Nur Kholis 53 15 iii 1 37 75 107 131 149 161 ii Islamic Finance for Micro and Medium Enterprises 9. A Comparative Study of the Relative Efficiency of Conventional and Islamic Pawnshop Abdul Ghafar Ismail, W Mislan Cokro and Selamah Maamor Models of Microfinance 10. Village Funds: The Experience Of Rural Community Development At Jabal Al Hoss, Syria Mahmoud Al

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