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islamic afterlife Essay

  • Submitted by: afdobber
  • on April 9, 2008
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The Islamic Afterlife
By: Andrew Dobberphul

All throughout Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and surrounding areas Islamic followers or Muslims perform day to day prayers. In fact Muslims pray up to five times a day. These unique individuals pray to the god Allah. Allah is the sole god of Islam. He is believed to be the same god in whom many Christians devote their faith to. Allah being god and not human had a prophet. This prophet was Muhammad, born into a very important family which controls the Ka’ba shrine. The holiest site for all devotes of the religion Islam. Muhammad being Allah’s messenger to his many followers was an important role for teaching his people how to perform this unique religion within their day to day lives. Muslims are to pray to Allah and believe he is the one and only god and accept him as their savior.

The Qur’an, the holiest book in all of Islam is the basis of the religion itself. Muslims read and follow this holy text in order to one day be saved by Allah. Within the Qur’an there are many chapters (surahs) and verses (ayhas). One very important story in which it holds is the chapter of the afterlife for all Muslims. These followers believe that the central doctrine of the Qur’an is the Day of Judgment and the day in which Muslims believe Allah will destroy the world. The Last Day is also called the Day of Standing Up, Day of Separation, Day of Reckoning, Day of Awakening, Day of Judgment, and The Encompassing Day or The Hour(Muslim). Although many people of different religion may believe this is nonsense, Muslims strongly wait this day in hope of reaching the afterlife. On this day, Allah will descend from the Heavens and arrive on earth to resurrect the dead followers of his religion, Islam.

Until this time arrives all of the Islamic bodies of long past individuals await in their coffins. It has been said that until the Day of Judgment the deceased souls of Muslims remain in their graves awaiting the resurrection. Those bound...

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