Islam vs Judaism

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Islam and Judaism Islam is the in Allah as God, the creator of all and the one that has no equal. In Arabic, Islam means “submission” and “peace”. They believe in complete submission of your will to Allah for peace and blessings. Muslim is the name of the followers of Islam. Islam was founded in Mecca, Saudi Arabia by the Prophet Adam. Like Islam, Judaism is also the belief in one God who they call Jehovah. It originated in the nation of Hebrews from which God gave the Torah to Moses and Abraham. Both of these Religions refuse the use of any statues or pictures because you can’t depict the image of prophets and God. Also Islam and Judaism believe in eternal life in Paradise or Hell depending on the good deeds you do in your life on earth. The biggest part of Muslim belief system is the “Five Pillars of Islam”. These five pillars are Testimony of Faith, Prayer, Zakat, Fasting during Ramadan, and the Pilgrimage to Makkah. In Judaism they have “13 principles of Faith” in which they believe in. These 13 principles are only one God, God Exist, God is incorporeal, God is Eternal, praying to only one God, Prophets words are true, the greatest Prophet was Moses and his Prophecies are true, the Torah was given to Moses, no other form of Torah, God knows every thought, God punishes the bad and rewards the good, the Messiah (Jesus) will come, and that the dead will be resurrected. The Testimony of Faith believes there is no other deity but Allah. It is explained in the “Shahada” which explains how God is the only power and nothing in between. This is the most important pillar. Jews believe that also God is the only higher power and that nothing is between God for them to worship. Five Prayers must be performed every day and is the direct link of Muslim (person) to Allah (God). Like Muslims, Jews recite 3 prayers daily and add 4th on major holidays. These prayers for Jews

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