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Outline of Essay “Islam” Angles/ Aspects a) Religion of Peace b) Islam and terrorism c) Islam and west d) Challenges to the world of Islam 1. Islam-its meaning and message 2. Background in which Islam dawned in Arabia and its revolutionary impact in bringing peace and prosperity in Arabian peninsula. 3. Islamic concept of peace with respect to a. Human beings, b. With respect to different raves, c. Religions and d. Languages e. In peace and war time. f. Animals g. Crops and trees 4. Islamic concept of war a. Only meant to bring peace b War not option but compulsion 5. The age of Prophet of Islam and peace a. Relation with i. Arabian pagans ii Co-clan opponents iii. Enemies iv. Christians v. Jews b. The war during the reign of prophet and reasons for war 6. Expansion during the reign of caliphs a. Why is it a objectionable in the eyes of western historians b. Did the expansion belie the peaceful credentials of Islam c. Were Muslim armies waging war for: i. Territory ii. Kingship iii Monetary iv. Expansion of Islam d. Were the wars offensive or defensive? i. Was the Muslim state really threatened when the attack was launched by Muslims? ii. Were the Persians and roman empires hurdles in the peaceful propagation of Islam? 7. Muslim dynasties and peaceful face of Islam a. Ummayads b. Abbasiydis c. Fatimi d. Usmani e. Mughal f. Modern Muslim states 8. Can the acts of Muslim rulers be equated with the concepts of Islam? 9. Can the acts of a Christian ruler be always equated with Christianity? 10. The historical writings of different writers especially some Muslims and generally some non-Muslims and Islamic concept of war and peace 11. Expansion of Turks into the west (Roman Empire) and image of Islam in the eyes of the west 12. Mughals incursions into the subcontinent and image of Islam in the eyes of

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