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Islam in America Jesus Besinaiz, Gabriela Galvan REL/134 February 24, 2014 Joseph McCarthy, M.A. Islam in America (Gabby) According to a study conducted in 2001, by the City University of New York, there are 1,104,000 Muslims in the United States (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2011). That number has almost certainly grown since then. This essay will discuss Islam in America. Islam has been introduced to America through both immigration and conversion, such as The American Muslim Mission, previously known as The Nation of Islam. Malcolm X once famously led the American Muslim Mission. Modern western culture influences and causes conflict within Islamic communities and families in the United States. Events, such as the terrorist attack and destruction of the Twin Towers of New York in 2001, have caused stigmas and discrimination against Muslims in the United States (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2011). This paper will discuss how Islam has been influenced and is evolving in America. (Gabby) The first Muslims in the United States were slaves from Africa. It is thought that ten to fifteen percent of African slaves were in fact Muslim. Though once here in America it proved difficult to maintain their religious practices and beliefs. Most were forcibly converted to Christianity. Those who did continue to practice Islam had to do so in secret. More Muslims immigrated to the United States, between 1878 and 1924, from the Middle East, settling in Eastern states such as Ohio. Then in 1952, when America once again welcomed immigrants into the country, Muslims came from countries such as Palestine and Egypt (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2011). (Jesus) One of the most influential and recognizable Islamic figures in America was Malcolm X. Born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska on May 19, 1925, he converted to Islam while serving time in prison

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