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Islam In Africa Essay

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  • on December 13, 2011
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#1. Effects of coming of Islam in Africa
Africa was introduced to Islam in the 7th century. Around 632 few years after the death of prophet Mohammed, Egypt was conquered by Arab Muslims. By the end of the 7th Century Islam had spread through the whole of North Africa. The spreading of Islam affected largely the religious and commercial factors in the African content. By the eights century the Arab merchants moved to the west of Africa.   The Eastern part of Africa was also not too long introduced to the Islam after the merchants arrived there. The introduction of Islam also affected the African cultures that had been there before the arrival and introduction of the Islam culture. For Islam, was not just a religion but also a way of life.
Before the arrival of Islam, most of the Africans countries had a very well established cultural and religious beliefs. The cultural and religious beliefs varied between the different between the different areas but still they were all established. There were people who believed in the existence of single god and some who believed in the different types of spirits that overall shaped their lives. For the ones that believed in spirits, it usually meant that when people died their souls still lived among us, hence the traditions always remained the same out of the respect of the still atmospheric living respected elders who have passed away.
For the most part, the religion was received well, although the Islamic rules somehow clashed the traditional African cultures. For example, Islamic religion forbids the worship of spirits. In most   of the African cultures this part of their old tradition was very hard to replace even with the spreading of Islam. Many Africans connected the two different religions and came up with their brand of the African Islam.
But not all parts of Africa were largely concurred by the Arabs and the introduction of Islam, there was a huge resistance when it came to the now what is called Ethiopia....

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