Islam Changes Over Time Essay

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Edgar Cruz Period 5 10/28/12 During the ages of 650-1492, the religion of Islam and its surroundings changed over time as it spread beyond and further out of its cultural territories to the west to improve in its trade and education system. An important time period that caused changes and continuities in Islam was through 600 to 700 when under the leadership of a new caliph, Islamic armies advanced to the Byzantine empire an other territories like Spain. Another period of time that brought changes and continuities was around the 9th and 10th century with the decline of the Abbasid Empire. Finally, by the 1300s and 1400s, Islam spread into western sub-Saharan Africa causing other changes and continuities. By advancing into the Byzantine…show more content…
When Mongols captured Baghdad and killed the last Abbasid caliphate, the Middle East broke into many states, although it was reunited but only partly. The Abbasid Empire’s Mathematics and Science was kept in the Islamic world, since under the Abbasids Arabic numerals became widespread. When Islam reached Africa during the 1300s and 1400s, most were Christians, although as time passed by most of the population decided to change Christianity and convert to Islam instead. One of the reasons of that was because Muslims weren’t taxing them like they used to get taxed before, and they liked that change. Muslims also adapted many ways like Indian styles into their religion and culture. The most known and dedicated converts to Islam were the Berbers, who made an impact on the spread of Islam, extending it far to the south of Africa, but most of the Islamic culture was kept in western Sub-Saharan. Although Islam changed and kept many things the same, because of wars, trade systems, religions, and educational systems, it remained as an advanced civilization. To this day Islam is still a major world religion with millions of
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