Islam As Alternative To Globalization

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INTRODUCTION The globalization process does bring good concept and positive change to the community and to the people. But, alongside with the globalization, there is woes created by the process. The woes happened because globalization process does not fulfil the need of all people. As for example, the democracy political system promoted by the west in process of democracy have been abuse by the parties that promote them. Wars have been spread throughout the world because of globalization in the name of democracy. The judicial that establish from democracy and founded from the British common law have open to abuse. Government around the world have fragile judicial system. The laws implemented do not settle the problem and crime faced by the people in the world. The law implemented nowadays is more to punish than to prevent others to commit the same thing. Capitalism economy promote by the globalization also make the richest to become richer, and the poor to stay poor and even worse, to become poorer. Capitalism only benefited the west as the dominant and the monopoly in world economy. Due to that, poor countries like in the middle Asia and at the east stay inprogressive and indebt to the World Bank There need to be better alternative to the globalization system! The alternative system can solute the woes faced by the world. And the alternative is available : Islam. In this assignment, I will discuss the alternative by Islam to democracy, secular judiciary and to capitalism economy. ISLAMIC POLITICAL SYSTEM Globalization process promotes democracy as the political system that can save the world. Instead of saving the world, democracy that demonstrated by the West cause the woes to the world. The west has infiltrated the other country affairs in the name of democracy. They also infiltrated their own citizens in the name of democracy. They
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