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Islam And Christianity Essay

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  • on March 11, 2012
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John Stewart
Mr. Carney
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Islam and Christianity

    Islam and Christianity are both derived from the same branch of religion and worship the same God, but have developed different principles over time. Muslims believe that Mohamed is the Prophet, and Christians believe that Jesus is the messiah. Today, Christianity and Islam have both evolved to become very different religions.

    Although they both believe in having prophets, they were founded hundreds of years apart, and have different beliefs and customs. Muslims worship and pray for five times a day, and meet at their mosque every Friday, (Johnson and Johnson, 84) but followers of Christianity only formally meet every Sunday, with no set amount of prayers a day (there is dinner prayer, night prayer, etc. but they are not enforced like in Islam). Also, the Muslims worship in the direction of Mecca, their holy city, and Christians have no such custom. The Qur’an is the Islam holy book, and is written in Arabic, and they believe it should stay in Arabic (Johnson and Johnson, 84). The Bible, though was originally written in Hebrew, is now translated to most languages.

    The prophets of these two religions are viewed very differently by their followers. In Islam, people are not supposed to worship Mohamed at all, but worship God and know Mohamed only as a historical figure (Carney, Lecture, May 5, 2011). Even in most pictures of Mohamed, his face is obscured and hidden from sight. Jesus, in Christianity, is viewed quite differently. Their followers worship Jesus as the Son of God, and His face and features have become universally accepted and recognized. In Islam it is unknown what Mohamed looks like, let alone worshipped (Johnson and Johnson, 84).

    Islam and Christianity, although branched from the same religion, have obtained many new beliefs. Many of the customs and languages, as well as how they view their prophets are very different. Being the two most followed religions in the...

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