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Islam is a monotheistic faith that means “submission to the will of God”. The person who practices this faith is known as a Muslim. There are five basic articles or “pillars” of faith in Islam. These are “Ash’shahadatan” (testifying that there is no God save Allah and that Mohammad is the messenger of Allah), “As’salah” (a form of worship rites that involve specific movements and sayings, which need to be performed five times a day), “Az’zakah” (to pay 2.5% of the wealth annually for the benefit of the needy in Muslim community), “As’sawm” (To abstain from eating, drinking and sexual intercourse during daytime throughout the 9th Lunar month), and “Al Hajj” (The pilgrimage to Mecca once in life for those who are physically and financially able). Research has found that Muslim societies are collectivistic (group plays a larger role in society than the individual) in terms of family life, economic situations, the truth as determined in terms of agreement with the Koran, their religious book, and religious, and aesthetic values. Islam." 30 Nov 2010 . Islam emphasizes on a society in which close relationships exist between its members based upon a close bond of brotherhood and sisterhood among the all members of the society. The idea of brotherhood in Arabic is so strong and important that in traditional Islamic culture men address each other as akh or akhi meaning brother or my brother and likewise women use the term for sister. Marriage in Islamic culture is a simple and legal agreement in which both partners are free to include conditions. Marriage customs vary widely from country to country but the main concept is same. Divorce is not common, although it is nor forbidden as a last option. In Islam, no Muslim girl or man can be forced to marry against his or her will. In Islamic culture, life and property of all citizens are

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