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The Rise of Islam In the beginning, Hebrews brought Christianity to Europe. Some Hebrews that resided near the Arabian Peninsula persuaded their fellow Arabic neighbors. Now, we know Mecca is the motherland for all Muslims, but Yathrib would come next in line as the holiest city for Islam. (Today known as Medina) As time would go on and Muhammad would spread his visions the Northern peoples would remain Roman Catholic, while Islam spread throughout the southern parts of the regions with the Ottoman invasion of 1300s and 1400s. At the time, a young intellectual named Muhammad Ibn Abdullah was enthralled with the Jews and their allegiance to a one-god belief. As Muhammad matures, he has a vision that the guiding principle of the Triad did not give a great impression that it was monotheistic. Muhammad understood they had forgotten the tradition of monotheism they had practiced ages ago. So he took it upon himself to spread his visions. Muhammad was born in a time of where honorable ethics and communal restructuring was truly needed. In other word, times were bad. He would go to the mountains nearby to think about all these injustices. The Islamic clan members of the region prayed in a temple (called mosques) built for their Gods. Two goddess included Al Uzza and Al Lat, the daughters of Allah. Kaaba was the memorial that included the legendary black meteorite which was adulated in Mecca and was a place to forgo blood for the Gods. (Prayers and sacrifices) Still, take into account that the time was disorganized, and society was brutal with plenty of drunken brawls, luxury, and loads of lust. At the age of 40, Muhammad had a supernatural visualization that the Angel Gabriel told him to take back the knowledge of one-god and preach it to the people. Preaching an end to dissolution and a must for peace, righteousness and public liability, Muhammad had ethnic

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