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Cultural Diversity in the Professions |ISLAM | | | Team C: Introduction With the constant increases in technology the globe becomes much smaller. As the world becomes smaller so does the gaps in cultural diversity. It is imperative that organizations, societies and subcultures realize the importance of cultural diversity and learn to recognize other cultures for what they are and learn to accept the difference each other share. As with any culture and sub culture within our society, history has shown proof of labeling cultures with certain classifications. Islam and the Islamic culture have come under great scrutiny in recent years with constant turmoil in the Middle East and the horrific events of September 11th. Most of these mass political and social views are unjustified and unnecessary based solely on a few individuals from the culture. Islam as with many other cultures comes under great scrutiny and unjust discrimination. In times of heightened security and social awareness these social and sub cultural groups have found it difficult to negotiate the majority of society’s views. Understanding cultural diversity and the sub cultures of Islam as with any cultural will greatly improve international relations as well as interpersonal relationships and organizational relationships. In today’s corporate business scene it is important to understand and realize the need for change and differences in opinions and views. By recognizing the differences in cultures and ethnic backgrounds many organizations can benefit from this diversity. To

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