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The rise of Islam and the rise of Buddhism Islam and Buddhism are two popular religions of the world today; both trace back to the 6th century BCE and the 6th century CE. The teachings are based on Buddha (Northern India) and Prophet Mohammed (Arabia), Islam and Buddhism deals with a new way of life, which gives a being freedom from confusion and disillusionment. Both religions require the believers to have a faith in themselves. Both religions have different ways of worship, but they also have similarities. Various non religious roles played in their rising as major forms of worship. History reveals movements and different influences that helped launch their popularity across the Middle East and now worldwide. Islam appeared in the seventh century at a time of social and religious decay in the Arabian Peninsula. Muhammad claimed that he was visited by the angel Gabriel, who informed him that he was to be the messenger of God. It was not until Muhammad began insulting the traditional Pagan gods and insisting that the Pagan Arabs and their ancestors would burn in hell for worshiping false gods that they began to regard Muhammad and his followers with disdain. To escape this persecution, Muhammad and his followers fled from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD. Muhammad expanded his territorial control over the area to the north of Medina and waged war with a number of both Pagan and Jewish Arab tribes with the years to come. In 630 AD, Muhammad conquered the town of Mecca and over the next two years he sent his armies all over Eastern Arabia to conquer the remaining Pagan tribes. Muhammad died in 632 AD. After his death, the Muslims were led by a series of Caliphs know as the Rashidun Caliphs. As Caliphs began to take over and expand in different regions, so did the worship of Islam. One of the first caliphs was Abu Bakr. He was noted for starting the Wars of Apostasy,

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