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Vermin my dear old friend I met in fox state river, I know it’s been long since we’ve talked and I was just wondering about your beliefs in your religion. I know how you’re running for leadership and I want to know what your perspective view on Islam is. I really would like to take the time out of my day to explain what Islam really is face to face, but for now my friend I will let you in the basics. One main point I want to clarify with you is what the Quran really is. As you know each religion has their own book which says the history about their religion and guides man through everyday life. What we believe is that the recent scriptures before the Quran was either lost or altered into rules and laws that mankind would be comfortable with. And to give a good example, I would choose a bible therefore multiple priests have come up with many versions of the book and so which is obviously an altered unholy book. As for the Quran, it hasn’t been changed since when it was revealed from Allah. Now the Quran includes all the history of Islam and also talks about other prophets such as prophet Ibrahim, Musa, Dawood, Isa, and so on. Though we had thousands of prophets, only 25 are mentioned. The Quran came down for a reason and that reason is to guide us Muslims through daily life and to warn us about the future such as the day of resurrection. As in other words you can say that it is the final message and the final testament. The Quran is so great that when our prophet recited it to the Jins (which are other unseen creatures created by Allah), The Jinns talked highly about the Quran and Islam itself. And just to conclude everything the Quran does not only include prophets & history but animals, actions of the prophets and so on. As you can see the Quran has the answers to almost any question and is clearly the truth. It can and will challenge any religion and for a fact it

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